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New Zealand Green Bullet™ Hop Pellets 44 lb's - 2019 CROP!
New Zealand Green Bulletâ„¢ Hop Pellets 44 lb's - 2019 CROP!


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Green Bullet™ delivers a traditional bittering quality and hop flavour. A flagship within the New Zealand brewing industry and considered a bittering variety for lager it is more often found these days in big ale styles. Green Bullet™ also carries a solid Styrian spicy characteristic which also finds it at home in a freshly drawn pint of bitter or an Irish style dry stout.

Alpha Acids 11-14%

Beta Acids 6.5-7.0%

Cohumulone 38-39% of Alpha Acids

Total Oil 1.1 ml oil per 100gm cone weight

Concentration 65 uL Oil/gram Alpha

Myrcene 38.3%

Humulene 28.2%

Caryophyllene 9.2%

Farnesene 0.3%

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